How to learn accents

This should keep you busy for some time. Have fun! I certainly did:

Try to search audio clips online. Personally I can do accents very well and I credit that to watching a lot of TV. And I dont really know what you mean by a "TEXAN" accent. I am a PROUD TEXAN and I dont have an accent at all, but you have to realize that Texas is bigger than the UK I think, and how many diff accents do they have there. So your "american accent" is probably generic Southern


You don't clarify much about the hows and whys of your desire to do accents - I'll assume you want to be able to speak English with those accents.

Listen and imitate, and make sure the people you listen and imitate are the real thing, not imitators or actors, or people who's been living abroad so long that they've lost their accent. Listen to those people speaking english, you won't pull a good French accent by watching French people speak French.

Bear in mind that there's no such thing as a unique Scottish, Aussie or German accent. The French and Italians usually speak with heavier accents while Germans can pull a very good English - it's a core subject in school since kindergarden. Knowing which countries produce more heavily accented people is also important. There's an Argentinian weatherguy at CNN who speaks perfect English, pronounciation and all, but it's the rythm of his speach that gives him away, as well as some pet words.

Practice a lot and don't overdo it. A good trick is to focus in one person who has a good accent and imitate that person's speech.

You can do some research too about the languages whose accents you want to pull to know the irks and quirks the natives of those languages have to deal with when learning English (like for example the aspired h sound which doesn't exist in French). Also, Spanish for instance varies a lot from country to country, so you'll want to place your imitations correctly on the map: someone from Spain will have an accent nothing like the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans you see on American productions.


rent a video where the actors speak english with foreign accents and mimic what the actors are saying. I like to people watch and eventually I come across people in a restaurant or in a public park with unusual accent and if I find them interesting to try to talk to them anything from pretending to be lost looking for directions to asking for the time granted they know english just to try listen to how they speak. it may be pretty bold to do that but if you want to increase your range of accents that 's the best way.


Radio programs on the short wave are excellent for authentic accents.

Good luck!