How to make a good impression on a Director

How to make a good impression on the Director?

Sleep with them!

That was obviously a joke, one I had to make, because I did. I am. I met my boyfriend of 14 months when I was in Panto and he was directing, although nothing happened between us while we were rehearsing, romance blossomed when the production was in full swing and we were no longer in the "He's my boss" stage.

I tell you this all, not too brag about whom I've bagged, but to impart some of the industry knowledge from the single greatest influence on my career to date. He is not only my boyfriend and my director on many productions. He acts as my mentor, my agent and sometime P.A.

The first thing he'd tell you to do, is learn your lines. Assuming you've got the job and want to impress that is. Following a close second, read up. When I tell the boy I'm auditioning for a famous role, the first thing he asks me is, do I know the play? I had an icky moment recently when a director asked me if I'd read the novel of the play I was auditioning for. My answer was no, I still feel Shame!!

Next he would say when you're given direction in the rehearsal room or audition be responsive, and open, both to your director and fellow actors.

From me, now in my fifth year working professionally as an actor, I have to tell you to:

>Put your personality on show (as well as your character)

>Do Not Back chat the director (he/she is the director, not you)

>Answer their emails and missed calls

>Ask whether or not you can have creative input. (if not but out, also if not re-think if you really want to be left out of the creative process)

Finally, something we'd both tell you, is to enjoy the creative process. As you will know the director leaves once the production is up and running. There is a certain level of trust involved between an actor and director, if you buckle down and put your trust in the director, who is at the helm of the ship, a massive undertaking, a huge canvas of, lighting, sound, and following the book/play/script all at once. If you can trust he/she to draw out what's best for the performance, you'll work with them again and again and have a lifelong friendship.