How to make your headshot stand out

There are many key points to remember if you want your headshot to stand out, the first, is obvious, it is a headshot so it needs to have less body, and more face. The more face that you show the better. You will want to stay away from plain, non-expressive, passport photo looks. As an actor you need to show emotion and versatility. As actors we use eyebrows to show hundreds of different emotions, and feelings so why not play around with expressing yourself with your eyebrows.

You want to draw the casting directors eyes into your headshot, looking at your features, so clean up the background. You do not want to have a background, that is busy or distracting. A white or Black background is what most professionals use. Visual Hierarchy means that our eyes look up to the top left and then move down to the page, the last place we look is the bottom right. a good headshot will make the casting director eyes break that Visual Hierarchy, and look at your eyes first.

Always use a professional photographer, as they will be able to talk to you about what you are trying to show though your headshot, and they have some great tips on how to great a great headshot.

Your headshot should look like you, I have known many casting directors to reject an actor because they think their headshot has been edited too much, or the actor is wearing far too much make up.

Printing headshots. This can sometimes be a daunting task, as most casting directors and perspective agents will want you to post your headshot to them, it must be printed. make sure your headshot is a good quality print, with a matt finish, and the print should be 8X10", most professional photographers will print this as standard anyway. If you want to, you could add a boarder to your headshot, this should just be thick 10mm boarder, in black and white. When attaching your CV to the back of your headshot your should staple in the boarder to blend it in, or you could print your CV to the back of your headshot.

Last point to remember, A casting director may have 600 CV's and Headshots on his/her desk that they need to cut down to 10 to audition, they will look for any excuse to get rid of a headshot, so give them a reason to keep yours!