How to make your own voice reel

If you are strapped for cash like most actors doing a professional voice recording is very expensive especially when you aren't working as a actor yet. They can range from anywhere from £100 to £500 , but there are options to record a cheap version of a voice reel.

You can, like what I have done is to record a few pieces of your voice on your phone, most mobiles these days have great voice recording devices.

Also make sure if you are going to record a monologue or short speech make sure that you have permission to record these as some are almost copyrighted. Or you can make something up and record that.Try and keep the pieces short as too long would sound boring and choose pieces that will show your voice range off instead of just one voice and accents could help as well.

Then what you can do is to make the recording more professional is use something like wave-pad editor which specializes in making your voice recording more professional.You can find most of these apps online and most have trial versions which will let you use for free.

These apps have all things on them like help removing the hiss and noise reduction ,you can shorten your speeches and edit them together, adding special effects like background noise such as jungle themes, train stations, everyday sounds like traffic crowds etc. They can also distort , normalize and equalize your voice.

Then once you have edited your pieces then you can save them to your laptop and then upload them on to your casting call CV or your online Spotlight CV.

where Casting directors would be able to hear the sound of your voice before calling you for a casting. As now this apparently is a necessity now to become a serious actor in this day and age.