How to market yourself when you've just finished drama school

When marketing yourself as a 'new face' you need to remember there are already many recognizable faces out there being looked at and seen by casting directors. What you want is to be one of those faces circulating the offices of casting directors and/or agents. Most people would automatically think oh dear this is going to be expensive. But not the case! Most casting websites will let you sign up with a free standard profile which allows you to provide all your information as you would on a professional CV, including skills, training, contact info, appearance and a headshot to view along with your information.

You can find many casting websites on the internet by simply typing casting websites into a search engine. There are some that will require you to make a payment or monthly commitment to use the site, my advice on that would be if you can create a free profile do that first and then take a look at what kind of castings are coming through and see if they are what you are looking for, if not just stick with your free profile for employers/agents to view you.

Examples of casting websites:

Casting Call Pro

Star Now

Angel Stages

The Casting Website

Casting Now

To Be Seen

The Casting Collective

PCR jobs and casting.

Another marketing tool is a website, again you can find many sites that will allow you to create a free basic site ( is a great one for this! you can then add your website to your casting profiles on other websites or simply forward the link in emails/messages for people to view, you can add pictures of any productions/photography and media (if you have any) such as voice clips/demos/show reels ect. Which is really useful as this could land you an audition or even a job (especially internationally if they wont be auditioning in the UK. A great marketing tool that has been a great networking tool is Business cards which again could include you/your agents contact info and your website/headshot, so just from a small card they can go online to your site and find out all they need to about you as a performer. You can find these incredibly cheap from vista print from £2. 50 for 200(includes case) this is a great tool to have with you all the time in your pocket or purse to hand out whenever you feel there is an opportunity around, even to other actors (great connections can come form small places). Also available from vista print are post cards which you can use to send to casting directors if you want to personally contact them about a role/production. This has been effective as casting directors have expressed at seminars.

Which leads to the next great marketing tool networking at seminars/festivals, this is a great way to market yourself you can take postcards/business cards and copies of your CV to hand out as spotlight often alert you (and offer great discounts via the stage) if there are any seminars/workshops where you will get the chance to speak to casting directors and agencies and ask them questions, while your there hand them a copy of your CV or business card and there already a casting director/agency has your details, and have met you face to face. Great seminars/ workshops/events often get published on many casting sites and in the stage/the stage online. Surviving actors, Edinburgh fringe, are just a few that are great opportunities to meet others in the industry.

There are even networking websites for actors such as: Stage 32 where actors, directors, producers can add each other/chat post scripts ext. For new projects which is a great way to get in touch with the right people.

Leading on from networking sites is Social networking sites creating a professional account (separate from your personal)on sites such as Facebook/twitter is a fab way to get in touch with casting directors/producers/actors/agents, there are often Facebook pages that post current auditions/castings for performers and its a great way to find out whats going on at the moment. It's about getting your face out there and getting it noticed and circulating around casting directors.