How to network with other dancers

I think the best way to network with other dancers is to try and be everywhere, at all the auditions, classes etc.

When I first graduated from dance school I went to around 4 auditions a week. Not just dance but also promotions an modelling. Most dancers also do this so its another way to meet people in the industry. Its a very small industry and everyone knows everyone. I was applying for every dance job going, even if I wasn't interested. Contracts abroad, Disney, Cruises, Panto. These auditions you don't need an agent to hear about. Everyone is in the same position, the Que to get in to the open auditions are so big that if you see someone familiar in the Que, you can chat, as like I said before they probably don't no anyone and is in the same positions as you.

You will see the same people at all the same auditions. The more you see them the more you will talk and you can talk about other auditions, agents, jobs work ect. Help each other out.

You will also see these same people in classes, as everyone is still training, we do it because we love it, and it works in the same way as auditions. You see the same people all the time, so eventually you make friends.

Also, facebook is a very good way to network. when you meet people, add them on facebook. Add teachers so you can see when they are teaching. So then you can go and network with dancers at the classes.

Twitter is also a good way. following friends. Just make sure that once you have added the people you have met, be sure to speak to them when you see them. Nothing worse to have a new follower and for them to ignore you in person.

I think if you try and out your hands in lots of little jobs, not just dancing you will meet so many dancers as everyone is trying to make a living and pay there rent.

Smile at every one, we are so lucky to be able to live our dream, this industry can be very intimidating. Especially when you are first starting out. As much as we are in competition with each other, it is the panels choice. We should support each other. learn from each other.