How to perfect your dance freestyle

I believe that freestyle combines three elements; understanding of foundational steps, listening to the music and an ability to let go and express yourself.

Foundational steps of each dance style are imperative to your craft, the more you learn these the bigger vocabulary you are giving yourself when you freestyle. Foundations are called this for the very reason, that you wouldn't build a house without foundations or it would crumble around you. Well, a house dance freestyle wouldn't be a house dance freestyle without house dance foundation steps. Without these, you have no depth or technique and the freestyle would fall apart. Furthermore, the more you practise these, the more naturally they will flow as a movement for you. So rather than having to consciously think about what foundation steps you remember, you can focus on the music and performance and the steps will just flow!

Musicality is also incredibly important, many people think it is the biggest and boldest moves that wow but sometimes the most magical freestyle can be because the dancer is moving to the little beats or riffs in the music with a small head turn or foot movement, or has stopped when the music has. Listening to the music allows you to accent certain elements for a bigger impact and vary your dance so that it is more visually appealing to the audience.

This also leads on to the last element, expression. When you are freestyling and listening to the music, feel it and let go. This could be thought of as the hardest thing to do. As dancers when you express yourself you are baring your soul and people are seeing you for you.

Dance is about expressing something, expressing yourself and your feelings at that time. The audience can tell when you are just going through the motions or moves and are not dancing with your heart and soul. When a freestyle is authentic, that is when it has the biggest impact.

Practise, practise, practise!