How to prepare before a casting

Congratulations you've been offered an audition, now it's time to begin preparation for it. Begin by looking at the piece you will be performing (is it a monologue? is it an extract from the script?) have a read through and think of the overall themes of the piece. Depending on how long you have until the audition reading the play/film script etc would be advisable as it would give you the full idea of what your character's characteristics, personality and just an overall idea on how to play him/her. Next step is to begin annotating and analysing your audition piece, begin with breaking up your piece into units (where does the emotion change? where do you speed up? where do you slow down? take this into consideration when breaking them up.) Then decide were to take pauses place these pauses with /'s in the piece so they're are clear and obvious when you're rehearsing with it. Then once you've realised what your character's personality, characteristics etc, broken up your units and decided your pauses as well as adding anymore annotations you wish to add it's time to begin rehearsing. After numerous rehearsals perform to a friend or a family member then ask them for feedback, this will give you ideas for staging and other ideas such as how to speak certain words. Then go away and continue to rehearse. Then show that same person your audition piece again and ask them how you've improved and then ask them for further improvements. After this go away once more add these improvements. Then you are ready for your audition. On the morning of the audition, avoid drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks etc. Water would be best as it would lubricate your vocal cords and remove any phlegm from your vocal cords which would ensure a clear voice in your audition. It would be extremely helpful for you if before an audition you was to do a full body warm up (including vocal). It is extremely noticeable in auditions which actor has warmed up and who has not. During the audition, be professional and just try your best. You will do the best you can do, that's all anyone can ask for.