How to prepare for a singing audition

For many performers, preparing for an audition is the most vital part of getting potential employment.

'Getting out, what you put in' is a very true statement when it comes to the live music industry, especially when preparation is key to performing to the best of your ability.

The audition itself is a chance to show off any abilities you may have, whether it be vocal, stage presence or quite simply just the kind of person you are.

If the chance is there to get future work, and fulfil any dreams you may aspire to achieve, why would you not work hard in preparing for an audition?

Although many performers attending an audition can obviously sing, that is not the only factor that needs to be showcased. Certainly, don't just assume you are too good for the role, and just turn up unprepared.

Factors such as: Song choice, Presentation, Professionalism, Attitude and Presence is where you can really impress an employer.

Advice on Song Choice:

An imperative part of any audition.

Usually, you may be told how many songs you will need to perform and being over prepared for this is giving yourself an advantage.

If a company ask for two songs, prepare 4. If they ask for 3, prepare 6.

Remember - you never know how the employer will take to you, and could always ask for you to perform more than required. Go the extra mile and expect the unexpected.

In terms of song choice, ensure that you have a wide mix of songs that include ballads and upbeat numbers.

Obviously, dependant on the type of audition, song choice may already have been verified for you.

However, if you can pick your own choices, be sure to mix it up and show off your diversity.

Example - if 2 songs are required, perform one ballad and one upbeat song.

With the ballad, this is a chance to really show off your vocal ability and the range of your voice. The song is probably irrelevant, so pick something that makes you sound incredible, and that will impress.

With the upbeat number, the importance is how well you come across and the song choice itself.

Pick something that is catchy, will get people dancing and will make people smile.

Be cheeky in your performance, stand tall and show the kind of performer you are.

In terms of presentation, be smart.

Dress exactly how you would on stage and really make yourself look presentable to hire. Treat it as if you were performing for thousands at a high end corporate event.

If you look too well dressed, you've got it right.

With the above, they are just some handy tips and experienced advice that will certainly boost your chances to impress.

Finally, from the point of arrival to when you leave..

Never stop smiling, be polite and just be yourself!