How to price voice-over work

Well from what I have seen and done around the web.

Is that the minimum has been around £80 or $120. This was for a voice over clip / video of one to two minuets. This cost would be for new comers, beginners, low experienced.

There can even be the option for free work to help new comers get there name out there and to get valued experience under there belt to then further pursue more clients, more work and hopefully land a fantastic job in the industry.

The most I have seen so far on the internet was for a two minuet clip for £800, but a high experience was needed to even send a application to request a shot at it.

The cost could also reflect the position of the company / client e.g. (Microsoft, Apple, HP, Sony) of in which was requesting voice over work to be done. The more known around the world the bigger the cost can be.

The same goes the other way, if the client is new to the game then low costs to free, can be offered for the work.

Cost can also be factored by the experience of the Voice Over Actor; The equipment used to make the recording; weather or not the actor needs to go to a particular place to make / do the recording, e.g. a studio the clients want's to be used.

But at the end of it all, it really is up to whom ever wants to pay what for amount, quality, time scale for the work to be done.

Hope this helps to make your mind up on what to put as the funding on the voice over project...

And hey, keep me in mind if you need any work.