How to put a set together

Putting a set together is one of the most important parts of your act - other than your voice of course. But it's not hugely difficult and can make a big difference to the overall performance if you actually sit down and think about what you are going to do. These are my personal guideliines, hopefully you will find them useful.

The main priority is that you keep the audience's attention throughout especially if you are singing to a group of dancers they always want variety and not to do the same style of dance over and over. So start with a few to get the people moving, perhaps some more wellknown songs if doing covers just to get that initial interest from the crowd because chances are they are doing other things at the same time as listening to you. Now you can move in with a few slower songs, perhaps a song of your own, or whatever you fancy just remember to keep changing it around. The principle is that if you are singing two songs that sound similiar people may think they are the same song but going on for a really long time. If you are part of a group then space out your duets. Finally always end a set with a great song, often one that gets people to join in or one you know works really well.

I mentioned earlier thinking about dancers. Some of you may, like me, play for dance evenings and galas. An important aspect to remember is that not all dancers are of the same level and ability. It is often worth doing a bit of investigation work before puttng a list together. Personally I have sung Country music for the last few years and have a list of dances that I know they can dance to each song. This way I get a mix of levels and styles. (no-one wants a Cowboy Charleston twice in a row).

I hope you find this helpful. Good Luck