How to put together a good showreel

If you are a performer with no experience, to get a good show reel together quickly,

first off, before you even think about getting a show reel together, you need to decide the type of roles you are suited for, this may sound obvious, however there is little point, in trying for roles that you know you will not get, then once you figure out the roles you are suited for, you can either

A) Pay to have specific scenes shot


B) Contact various film schools/small production companies

to see which work is available, this usually is low/unpaid, however at this stage you need

to get footage of you to demonstrate your ability,

so this will cost you either in time/money one thing to avoid is unpaid background work

because you will not be featured, and this would be unusable show reel material.

If you go down the route of low/unpaid film school work you can always ask in advance about the role, also ask if you are able to have the footage, and permission to use the footage, as part of your show reel. If the company/school are any good this will be offered with out you asking, once you have gone along and filmed your part

it can take anything from a few days to a year to get the footage. So initially its better to do loads of work so if one source of material is taking forever, you will get the material from somewhere else. Now comes the fun part, once you have the material from either a DVD or a download its a case of putting it together. A show reel can be very expensive, especially in the early days, however you can do it yourself, all you need is real player, windows movie maker, and a good DVD ripper. I can recommend a really good one called magic dvd ripper.

What you need to do is this,

1) Using the DVD ripper copy the DVD to the hard drive of your computer,

or if the material is a download, download it.

2) Using real player use the trimming function to edit the clips to show clips featuring your self, the clips will be in your library section of real player.

3) Once you have done this convert the clips to the .WMV format, using the convert function on real player.

4) Once you have the clips open up windows movie maker and click on new project via the file list.

5) Click on the import media button, and import the clips from real player,

6) Now you have the clips on windows movie maker you need to have an introduction to your show reel, click on tools, and on the list click on titles and credits.

7) Once you have this you need to enter your name and contact details such as a phone number, then click on add title.

8) The title clip is now on a timeline at the start of your show reel then click on fade in/fade out so the clip does not look jagged.

9) Once this is done, drag the first clip, from your windows movie maker folder, into the time line, the clip should come after the title clip, again click on the click and select fade in fade out.

10) You can review the work you have done, so far by clicking on the play button, on the right hand side of the screen.

11) After dragging and pasting the clips to the timeline you should have a load of clips

that fade into each other, if you are happy with this click on tools, then titles and credits, then credits at the end, and list any additional information you wish to give

or even recap.

12) Then once you have done all this click on publish movie then this computer, then click on publish the movie to videos.

13) Then finally click on best quality playback on my computer.

14) If the file is too large you can always compress the file.

If you have done the above, you will now have a brand new show reel, in the video file on your PC, which you can upload to you tube etc.

The beauty of doing it this way, is you can always change the clips by going to windows movie maker and clicking on open project and adding any new clips also remember to publish movie every time you make changes.