How to re-start your acting career after taking time out

How to re start your acting career after taking a break.

Was it a bad thing or a good thing taking a break. well speaking from my own experience it was a 50/50 gamble.

I took time out as I was struggling debt wise and I was doing at that what a lot of actors do is work part time so they can make auditions which are mainly during the day, but I was spending money like I was earning a full time wage so eventually the debts got out of control and I had to make a decision whether to take normal full time work or struggle even more trying to make it as a actor.

So I decided to bite the bullet and take time out and do a normal job, now after three years I am happy to say that I am debt free and have decided to go into acting once again.

So the first thing I decided to do was try and get an agent again, So I approached the agent I had before and went to the meeting with hope but half way through the meeting I soon realized that it wasn't going to go my way.

She had asked me why I had took a break and I explained to the best that I could and she just looked at me as if that wasn't a genuine reason as if how dare you choose your lively hood over acting!

Also she told me that if I hadn't made it yet at 43 then I would never make it! Also the fact that I wasn't on spotlight as well, no-one would take me serious and the fact that now a days every actor now has a voice and show reel as well and a up-to date head-shot.Which I didn't have at the time

So then I knew that the meeting wasn't going my way.

I left her office feeling deflated almost suicidal as naive as it sounds I really thought she would take me back onto her books.

So that day I sat and pondered and smoked nearly 20 cigarettes deciding whether going back into acting is really me?

I have a normal job which pays the bills and I go on holiday twice a year I have a nice life but there is something missing. So I weighed up the pro's and cons and decided that I would give it once last go.

I calculated how much getting a show reel , voice reel and joining spotlight would cost and decided I could afford it.

So now I have got a show reel and voice reel together, I have got myself a spotlight CV and casting Call Pro CV and have been emailing casting directors, applying for short films and now I can say although I haven't got an agent yet, but I am ever hopeful that I will get a break soon as I know deep down in my heart acting is what I am destined for!

So if you believe in yourself than just go for it as you are never too old to obtain your dream.