How to read a chaser list

A chaser list is simply a list of people, production companies, casting directors, agents or any other relevant body/bodies that a person – in this case an actor or actress – needs to ‘chase up’ or contact on any given day or applicable time period for whatever reason, be it to express interest in a project and apply, to follow up on an application, or to enquire on the outcome of an audition/interview that has taken place.

The term is a broad one and does not relate to the performing arts, stage or TV and film professions specifically, but can be used by a sales department, administration department or any number of parts of an organisation that have different people or bodies needed to be contacted.

The best example I can think of is a list of film companies you have researched who have works in pre-production at the moment. Lets say you are based in Manchester, and you want to get in contact with some productions companies that have works on the go. You research all those companies within the North West area, and in turn look at all the various works they have on the go that might be applicable or of interest to you. You then list all the companies, the works they are in pre-production on, the relevant people you have to contact, and finally another column explaining the outcome of the contact made and anything that may needed to be done to follow it up. Make sure you put them in order of urgency as to who needs to be contacted first, i.e., what works are at the more advanced stage of pre-production – you will not want told you were perfect for a part and they would loved to have seen you but you were a few days late getting in contact. But now you have your chaser list, and the only thing to do is to start the contacting. Good luck.