How to record a good voice reel

In order to create a voice reel that works for you and can get you work you need to understand

1: know your voice. What are the characteristics of your voice that set it apart from everyone else's?

With regards to commercials think about What product your voice would suit. If, like mine your voice has a strong assured tone to it things such as banks, law firms and travel companies are a good starting point. Understanding your natural tone can save you time and money when researching which transcripts to use in your reel.

2: Do you have a regional dialect or can you do an accent convincingly? These days casting directors are all about Natural sources, if they want someone from Manchester with a Hybrid infusion of Stockholm thanks to the Internet they can get it. Nevertheless if you have a talent for accents then it MIght just be what gets you a job if they are pushed for time. NB: on a 3 minute voice reel stick to 1 or 2 accent extracts at the most, better to have individual files available on your page if you have any more.

3: Practise. When Was creating my voice reel BETA version I was still at drama school. Go onto YouTube, take down transcripts of commercials or extracts and practise recording them yourself, you don't need state of the art equipment to understand the basics of what a VoiceOver is trying to do. The more you discover about your rhythm and tone the easier it will be in the studio when you are doing it for real.

4; Relax. Nervous energy can kill a VoiceOver. Make sure you are as focused as you would be before you are about to go on stage and remember when recording "The Mic is your friend" use it, don't view it as an obstacle. Tell it the secret you have and treat t with respect .