How to record myself singing, if I'm on a very low budget

I have a garage space to use. In it, I have an old computer, a mic stand, a set of headphones and the two key tools- a USB microphone and audacity. You can find USB mics in Maplins and a range of other electronics stores, for not too pricey. (I think I've seen one in Wilkinsons for £10?)

Audacity is a free tool you can download, where you can record and edit tracks. I taught myself how to use it so it's simple enough to work your way through. Then, all you need is a backing track, a good warm up, a critical ear and patience!

I'm planning to slowly build on my equipment- I know my asbestos garage is not soundproof (sorry neighbours!!) and I plan to create a soundbooth from some sound panels that I hope I can use to double as a background for videos. I'm also going to get a USB Audio Interface so that I can plug in my Sennheiser mic to it and my computer.

I know you can get webcams that have decent mics on them, but I couldn't tell you how much they were. Until I have a decent background to video myself with my own digital camera, I use windows movie maker to put my recording to a video that is just my name and website, followed by a headshot. It's not perfect, but I have had enough views of my videos and tracks and castings from them that I'm sure the fact that I have something to show my ability is better than nothing.

If you're really desperate, try out any and all recording equipment you have. You may find you can get a really good video from a mobile phone that you can enhance the sound recording of by buying a plug in mic. But the only thing I had to buy was a USB mic so as long as you have a quiet space, headphones and a computer you're basically good to go!