How to remember lines

Remembering lines is the most basic tasks within Acting and there are many ways to try, but you will find your own personal technique that works best for you. Here is a list of things I do when I begin line learning:

* Write down by hand all your lines then re-write

* Record yourself saying your lines and re listen

* Carry the script everywhere and any chance you have read it

* Read the script until you cant stand it anymore

Once you start to gain confidence in remembering, say all your lines aloud even if you don't think you quite know them, if you have done one of the above you will be quite surprised by how much you remember. jot down sections you don't feel confident on and repeat some of the above, if you have someone around who can help and monitor the script while you read, Great!

There is always a worry within rehearsals about "getting it right" and many people panic about there line, this is a time you are allowed to go wrong and no one expects you to know your lines in the first few rehearsals. Once blocking the play begins this is where line learning become easiest as you will begin learning your entrances and exits the lines will start to pour from your mouth if you have done some of the Techniques above.

Another good way to learn Lines during rehearsals is improvising your scene with your partner, as long as you know there current circumstances, feelings, where they are, who there talking to just jump in and see where it takes you. this is the fun areas of rehearsals and you may also find new character traits you can add to your performance.

I hope something above can help you learn your lines but never panic, it all takes time. You just need to take sections of the play and work from there, never try to hit the WHOLE thing in one go, it never works and you will only become a nervous wreck (that's from personal experience).

Good Luck!