How to sell yourself by phone

Selling yourself by phone is easy and, for many people, far more comfortable than selling yourself face-to-face, in an interview situation. No-one can see you blushing, panicking or pulling silly faces while desperately thinking of something to say.

The benefits of convincing someone you are fabulous/right for the job/worth auditioning by phone instead of face-to-face are obvious. For a start, you can do it anywhere and any time, so it's you who are in control. You can arrange to do make the phone-call in an atmosphere that you find calm and soothing. You can also do it wearing anything you like. Don't underestimate the power of selling yourself in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home - in your PJs, if you want!

But the most vital thing about this process is planning. Write down all the things you want the other person to know or discuss with you in a bullet-point list. Remember to include a list of your key strengths, why you are perfect for the job, plus the credits or jobs you are most proud of or that are the most relevant. The other thing you should remember is to write a list of intelligent questions to ask. Fail to prepare and you should prepare to fail, or so the saying goes.

Choose questions that show that you have taken the time to research the company/sector in question and that make you sound enthusiastic, and fun to be with but serious about getting the job. You could ask them what they think you have to offer, if there is any chance of future work with the company and if there is anything you need to prepare or bring to the audition, if you manage to get one.

Oh and a few more tips: stand while you talk on the phone, breathe occasionally, speak slowly and smile! Doing all of these things will make you sound cool and confident, friendly and professional. Just the type of person they would want to employ!

Good luck!