How to sing well when recording

Many people have different ways of recording live vocals.

The below is a bit of advice and tips on how to make it the best recording for you.

When recording live vocals in a studio set up, remember to always sing as you do when you perform live.

The only thing that should change is the distance between your mouth and microphone.

Its best to sing approximately 4 inches/index finger away from the pop shield.

Do not try and shout and overpower the music as this can be changed once the vocal has been recorded.

If you try and change the way you sing, the end product of the recording will not justify your vocal.

Many vocalists make the mistake of singing how they want the recording to sound. However, this only makes it sound like the singer is trying too hard.

Depending on the track that is being recorded, try and get yourself emotionally attached to the song and dont force any particular styles or feelings into your voice.

If the song is a ballad, try and feel it and be relaxed in your vocal.

If the song is upbeat, smile throughout.

You'll be surprised that if you just smile whilst singing, usually you get the best take.

All levels, effects and even timing can be rectified once the voice has been recorded, so just remember to enjoy it and sing to your normal standards. If you do this you are guaranteed a good track and sound that you will be proud of.

When I record my own vocals in the studio, I need to relax and really enjoy the experience.

Otherwise, you could be a little annoyed once the final vocal is published as it doesn't sound the way you wanted it to.

Finally, always prepare for studio time.

Dont just turn up to record without practising, and always warm your voice up before beginning to record.