How to stage your own play at a theatre

Staging your own play at a theatre is relatively straight forward providing you have the money to back such a venture, although the case varies from theatre to theatre.

While it is not absolutely necessary you should try confirm a theatre venue for your play before you go into rehearsals. If nothing else this gives reassurances to your actors.

Most theatres do not like to have gaps in their calender so providing you can afford the space they will more than likely offer you the use of their theatre on the days they need filled, this could be weeks or even months away from your initial inquiry.

It never hurts to send an email to the theatre manager, or if their address is not readily available to call into the theatre and ask. If you are working independently or are a new less established theatre company this may be your only method of contact. If you are familiar with other companies in your area you could also ask them to put you in contact with the right people.

Some theatres might go about this process the opposite way round, as in they might come see your play first if it is being staged in another venue. If you are invite people from the theatres you are interested in performing in to come and check out your play. If this is a new play or your own writing a theatre will probably want to check out what standard of production you are putting on.

Once you have made your contact and established dates it comes down to money. Some theatre venues are much cheaper than others but as a standard they are expensive to hire (over £200 per night) so you will have to look into fundraising if you or your company is not already funded by an outside source. However, some theatres might operate a "box office split", that is they will take a certain percentage of ticket earnings to cover their costs. Your earnings won't be great but this is certainly one of the easiest methods of just getting your play staged in a theatre.

Essentially, the most difficult part of the process still lies in the writing, rehearsing and performing of your play, as well as gathering a good crew of people and performers. Theatres need plays so long as you contact the right people and have the money to back your venture you can stage your own play at a theatre.