How to stand out as a child actor if you don't have much acting experience

If you don't have any experience in acting the best way forward is to try and secure some unpaid roles in short films via sites like kccp and various others. Also "extra" work is a good way to start your career. Many agents, if you search, supply child extra's for many big feature films and often need 100 children at a time.

Many acting roles for film and tv are looking for a natural child and so sometimes will go in favour of a child with little or no experience! Be Yourself, follow direction and enjoy your casting/audition!! Many roles come down to look, height, hair colour etc so just attend the audition, be yourself and be happy..which will show the Casting Director that YOU want to be there!!!

Something else you may like to do is to join a local Acting class or theatre school. Try and go by recommendations, if not use google to find some local schools, then arrange to visit them. Find out what they have to offer and whether they have children in their group who have experience on stage, tv or film. This will help to decide which school will offer the right tools for your child in the direction they wish to go.

Theatre acting can be very different from tv/film. It is quite important to decide which direction your child wishes to go in before deciding on which Acting/theatre school will be appropriate.

Joining Social Networking sites can also help promote your child and keep in touch with agents, casting Directors, Directors, film schools etc.

Searching for open auditions is a good way, if nothing else, for your child to gain experience of an audition process.

Every way you can think of promoting your child and aiding them to gain any sort of experience will be of great benefit to them.