How to stand out at auditions

Everybody wants the part. Everybody will be trying their best to gain the role. What can you do to stand out from all these other people? My advice is always be yourself. Having been on both sides of the panel and seen some fantastic people audition the key really is to be you. The director wants to know that if you were cast you are going to be someone worth spending time with for the duration of the project. Find something you have in common besides theatre to talk about. If they like you then you’re already one step ahead. A director wants you to get the part. They called you in because you look right and you’re offering the right credentials. Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t be there. I remembering walking into a room once and it was full of professional dancers and singers. I felt at the time out of my depth. I was dreading my name being called out but when it was I went in and gave them what I had. I got the job. They already knew I wasn’t a professional dancer who could put there leg behind the head but they wanted from me something different that these other people couldn’t give. You’re able to stand out if you go in and give what you have to the best of your ability. Don’t feel intimidated by other performers because you have also worked so hard to get to where you are. Auditions are a strange thing but they are essential in the industry we are in. No other profession is run in the same brutal way, so in order to succeed you must perfect you audition technique and make those impressions count. Don’t let nerves let you down do your piece and make a lasting impression. Always be yourself, believe in your training and who you are and what lead you to be sat in this room about to be seen. And remember directors are people too. They have had rejection after rejection the same as anyone in this industry. Don’t ever feel you're not worthy to be there. Go and make that lasting impression that will land you that job.