How to stand out from other singers

To stand out from other singers you have to be comfortable in yourself and in the style that you develop when you sing. It's ok to take some idea's from other singers, but you always have to make it in to your own ways of conveying the lyrics, how to pronounce each word, how you choose the sound colors to be, the variances of dynamics and so on. Always remember to trust your choice and sing with YOUR voice instead of trying to repeat someone else. In that way you will always stand out from the rest.

Individuality takes some training as we all grow up listening to the radio and finding our idols that we listen to. Of course we take try to sing like them as well. The secret is to "get to know" your own voice and your "limitations". Even though you grow up listening to Celine Dion and you like her songs it doesn't mean you can sing like her. She's got a very powerful, edgy and belt voice so not everyone can sing like her. The secret is to find the parts that you can rely to, but also the once that you can't and get to know what you can do instead.

Some singers doesn't believe in themselves because they have such a "low/whispery" voice (not very high volumed voice). But that can be someone if they get comfortable with what they got. Such singers should practice with the mic and see that they can do things that other singers can't do. We always compare ourselves with everybody else. Don't do that. Get to know your own voice by getting to know your limitations and everything that you can do. Practice the things that you need to be better at and learn that each voice are different. If you don't have much volume. Be happy about what you've got and use that instead of trying to be something that is already out there anyway.

Best of luck :)