How to submit writing to the BBC

So I have nearly finished my MA in writing for stage and broadcast media at CSSD and was very lucky to have Paul Ashton from the BBC come in and talk to us and give us some great advice along with other writers that have previously worked for the BBC.

Submitting to the BBC is actually pretty easy.

They have submitting guildlines on their writers' room website and also they have recently brought in dates when you can submit, so do check these. They will accept unsolicited scripts. Also on their website is an opportunities page where they have links to competitions, writing opportunities etc for you to submit any kind of your work, with them as well as other companies.

Always try to write what YOU want to say. Be original but always make sure what you are saying is important to you not because you think it's the kind of thing they want. You never know whatkind of story they are looking for. Most importantly, make sure you have your work IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. This is very important. But they also have templates of all their popular shows on their website if you are in doubt of what to do. Remember each medium is different!

The BBC are especially good for new radio plays so think about that as an option for getting your name out there! When you write for radio, think about what time slot it may be suitable for. For example they have the women's hour. Listen to the radio. Watch the television. See what kind of programmes they braodcast. Remember they have more than just BBC 1 and BBC 2.

Remember if you're unsuccessful first time around, get feedback from friends, keep writing. Just because they may not have liked that story doesn't mean they wont like another one.