How to support yourself financially when starting out as an actor

Being an actor seems to be a full time job, between hitting the gym to keep healthy and fit, and participating in workshops, and attending auditions finding a job that will allow you to do that seems impossible, but it's not.

There are many ways to financially support yourself as an actor and most of these jobs require little or no experience. The most crucial part of finding a job while perusing your acting career is that the job be flexible. There literally hundreds of promo,hosting and catering companies that offer you very flexible part time jobs.

Simply google promo jobs, and you will find hundreds of agencies. Then simply submit the info which is requested. Most of these companies require an initial interview where you will be assessed to see if you fit the job description. Again, do not fret most of these companies want enthusiastic and reliable people. Most interviews are very relaxed. These companies are used to working with actors so they know that you need a flexible job, which is exactly what they can offer.

Once accepted into the agency you will be offered to work at different events or promo campaigns and you will be able to decide whether you accept the work, and most importantly how much you work. By signing up with a bunch of agencies you will always have jobs when you are not working in acting or going to auditions.

Lastly, extra agencies are also arrest way to make fast and easy money, plus from my experience you can always learn a thing or two from being on a professional movie set. The two extra agencies I recommend are mad dog casting and casting collective both will most likely be happy to add you to their books and submit you to castings.