How to survive as a singer

As a singer I have been able to survive by doing other music related jobs. I have learnt to seperate my skills and abilities by applying the relevant skills to the different situations I find myself.

An example of this is;

As a music leader as well, I use my transferable skills from singing on stage. To be able to present and pass all the necessary information to the students in a clear and accurate manner. In order to get the students working together and effectively.

The ability to survive as a singer demands you to be able to be flexible and willing to go in different directions sometimes. Whilst acquiring various skills that will enrich your singing experience. This means that sometimes you may find yourself in a situation or setting that you are not getting any singing opportunities but rather songwriting opportunities, teaching opportunities, management opportunities etc.

I would advise that you grab every opportunity that you get, because the experience exposes you to different people, skills and ideas. That will in turn begin to lead you into bigger and better things that you never imagined before. All of these allows you as a person to add all your new skills so that it makes your singing experience more pleasurable, heartfelt and without any inhibitions when the song demands you to really express yourself. In order to give a pleasant experience to your listener and many more.

Such as the ability to carry them on a journey thst they could be able to identify with, a journey of the song, self discovery and expressions.

It may seem that the ability to survive as a singer is very difficult, but adequate research into the various possibilities are endless. Thinking outside the box is required and a relentless attitude to be able to get what is needed in the face of adversity and opposition.