How to use social media to advance your singing career

Social media can play a huge role in progressing a career in the music industry. It is so current, and nearly all people are on at least one social networking site now, that it can be a fantastic way to increase your contacts.

You can use it in several ways. Top tips for using social networking sites to promote and make contacts in the music industry are:

1.) Use social networking as a way to meet new people. Facebook and Twitter allow you to learn about other people and what they do, and then enables you to contact them directly. Search for people in particular fields that are of interest to you, for example 'gigs for singer's' or 'singers agencies' and find links to people who are involved in these particular projects. Facebook and Twitter in particular allow you to send a message to these people, where you can express your interest in the field and present yourself to them as a potential client or contact. Make sure you write a message that sells you at your best as well as being polite and honest.

2.) Use facebook and youtube to promote yourself. Upload videos, pictures, music and bio information to sell yourself in a live format. Make a one stop shop on each site for potentially interested contacts to learn all about you and understand where you are heading and what you are looking to achieve. Make your own profiles display your best qualities to sell yourself to potential employers.

3.) Be informative and interesting. Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to post statuses on what you are currently up to to show yourself as busy and interesting. For example 'off to see my singing teacher' or 'in rehearsals for lion king'. Post images as proof of these statuses too. Employers wants people with experience and those that are easy to work with so be sure to display images and post as though people are watching at all times.