How to use social media to help your acting career

Social networking has taken the world by storm. It's everywhere. Mobile phones come with twitter and face book already installed as if it knew that was the only reason you wanted a smart phone. Television adverts now tell you to follow them or like them. It's a huge phenomenon. It's really transformed the way in which people communicate. You can now talk to any amounts of people who before would have been untouchable. This has therefore opened up doors for us as actors to find out about our industry without having to even leave our living rooms. I use twitter as a purely professional tool. I follow casting directors and theatre companies to find out what they are up to at the time. Once I have started to follow these people I also do my research by visiting there sites and checking out whether they have any opportunities. This has proven a fantastic tool. Many companies will put on there social network that they are casting or that they recommend a certain show. This enables you as an actor to use you head and search out this casting and book tickets to that certain show. As actors we need to keep productive and always looking for the next job and always looking for that new contact. You can reply back to these people saying thanks for the tip about such and such a show therefore building up a connection. Acting is all about networking whether it is online or in person, make a positive impression on someone and it will do you no harm. Social networking can of course be negative if used in that way. However if your using it for your career to move forward to make some more contacts and to keep you head in the industry then it's a fantastic tool.