How to use social networking to your advantage

Social networking is essential now a days for an aspiring actor. Here is some tips that I have found along the way as a graduating Actor.

Using social networking as an actor can be very useful however extremely addictive. Dont let it become an obsession. I got a bit carried away for a while and it can consume you. But anyway here is what I know...


The beauty of twitter is that you can follow anyone! You can start off by following theatre companies and then start looking up film and tv companies and casting directors.

Lots of top casting directors are on twitter these days, and put up all sorts of exciting casting break downs up on their pages. You can find them by typing in their names (if you know them) or looking up "casting director" in the search bar. Any time I get an audition or see a casting on spotlight/casting call pro that I like the look of, I look up the casting director/company on twitter to see if I can network with them on there.

I find it very good for last minute searches of urgent casting calls.

I find that using the search bar is very effective. You can look up tweets that may be of use to you. Use any key words such as " CASTING MALE 18 -25 LONDON" that you think will direct you to relevant tweets.

You will be surprised what auditons and castings you may come across.

It is also very useful for putting up tweets/pics/videos that may find their way to the right people. For example "Seeking Representation" or putting up a video reel/voice reel can be retweeted and may eventually filter its way through to the people that would help you.


Creating a facebook page can be a good way of networking and can certainly be great if you have a show or play that needs a bit of publicity. Many of the things on twitter or the searches that you can use on twitter can ofcourse be applied to facebook, however the problem with facebook is that you have to ask someone to be their friend so you cant see exactly what is going on with them right away.

There are lots of websites that you should have a look at:

Ideas tap


Cast it

The Casting Network

Stage Won (brand new theatre networking site, has some excellent features for networking and for researching plays)