How to use the internet to promote yourself as a voice-over artist

There are many ways you can use the Internet to promote yourself as a voice artist. You first of all have to be aware of two important rules.

1) You need to pick a name that you want to use for your voice over work and make sure it doesn't change for every site you sign up with or every web page you make. Your web presence should be uniform across the board.

2) You need to be aware that once you have a web presence anything you write on a twitter feed or your Facebook page could come back to haunt you. A rule of thumb is only make business type tweets and posts and talk in a business like way. The last thing you need is a joke you thought you would share with the world coming back and biting you where it hurts. If your friends contact you via your business web page or twitter/facebook account then you need to be business like with them too because their tweets and Facebook posts could also do harm to your image.

For example: You have a friend who decides to post something inappropriate about themselves, you or someone else it may give other people who view your profile a bad impression of you.

Once you are OK with these two rules above then to increase your web presence you can do some of these below:

- Write a blog related to voice over and make sure it is relevant and leave links in the posts to your own website.

- Go to related forums in the voice over world and leave comments. (Do not leave the same comment everywhere and make it relevant to what you are reading otherwise you could be classed as a forum spammer)

- Everywhere you upload your sound files (if you can) make sure to leave your main website link.

- Put your files on any sound file type upload place that enables you to leave a link to your site.

- Use twitter daily (if you can)and post relevant posts with links back to your website.

- Link all of your social media websites together, so that you post to one you post to all.

- Use any other social media tool you can to promote your talents but it can become like a full time job, so much so that you then don't have much time to concentrate on your voice over demos and work.

Hope some of the above help you to increase your online presence. Remember, generally Google loves twitter and Facebook pages so the links here although you may not think so can be a Godsend and you could even gain work from a random link you post.

Be positive, busy and stay social!