How to use your time well and earn money between acting jobs

Finding a source of income to pay the bills between auditions, dance/acting classes and acting jobs which can be flexible enough for you to be able to pursue your career isn't easy in today's economic climate. However, it is possible, you just need to adaptable in the way you work.

All over the country there are various private security companies that have a division dedicated in providing event stewards and Sia licensed personnel for music and sporting events, from concerts at Wembley Arena to premiership football clubs. Being able to be flexible in your approach to working hours and being customer focused are key factors in working in this type of job. It's like acting, it's up and down and that's why they fit well together. One week you might be offered 2 football games and 4 evenings of Dancing on Ice, the next a couple of shifts at the cricket at the Rose Bowl and a few gigs in London.

Quite often than not, if you're working at football matches, the company will offer to put you through an NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety course at their expense (around £800). Some companies pay weekly (Carlisle Event Services), some pay monthly (Showsec and G4s Events) and a steward can expect around £7.00ph and a Sia Door Supervisor £8.00-£11.00ph.

Oh, by the way, female licensed Door Supervisors are very much in short supply for search reasons, not only in pubs and clubs but also at sports venues, basically anywhere where there is a condition of entry put in place by the venue's safety officer. Licenses are valid for three years and cost £220 on top of the course fee which can vary depending on the course provider. Ok, it's quite an outlay, however it soon pays for itself and it'll enable you to be able to work anywhere in the country without having to look very far.

Another great bonus - you get to be at some shows where tickets prices are through the roof and sometimes get to meet those all important production staff if you're checking passes!!