How to what extra skills make a dancer more employable

I went to dance school. Where I learned ballet, point, jazz, tap, contemporary, Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham. Musical theater, We sang and acted even though I chose to do the dance course.

When I started auditioning I realized I was very lucky to of had the technical training but it wasn't enough. Especially if you want to try to go down the commercial/hip hop route. So I started going to commercial classes. I went to a couple of Hip hop classes but I felt very out of my league. I didn't understand here the movement was coming from or why. I kept on going to contemporary classes and sometimes ballet to keep up my training, I didn't want the 4 years of training to be a waste.

I went to a couple of hip hop dance events and it opened my eyes to a whole new dance scene.

I decided I wanted to learn more skills so I went to a popping class and locking class. It was hard and very alien to me but I wanted to feel comfortable that if I went to an audition where they wanted me to lock or pop I would feel comfortable enough to have a go and feel confident.

I went to Waacking classes which was great as they alternate teacher so you got to practice something different every week with a new teacher.

I tried Vogueing in LA.

I tried house classes. I also felt this was great for stamina and groove. Being so technical can make you very stiff and upright, House is the opposite.

I also went to gymnastics and learned all the basic floor strengthening skills, like back roll into hand stand, and then we did cartwheels flips, aerials etc. I didn't feel confident enough to do it without the teacher so I went to Beckton and practiced by throwing myself into the pit and the floor is very sprung so its hard to hurt yourself.

Iv bought myself a pair of stilts, which I just got stuck straight into and gave them ago, once confident I will ring around and see if anyone needs stilt walkers.

My friend did an angle grinding corce and I learned from her. its great to have lots of skills, but I feel I have a long way to go before I can say that I am a pro at any of them. But I can say I have tried them all, its gives me the confidence to go into an audition and not feel scared when they say what style they are going to teach. Unless its freestyle lol