Role-playing & Corporate Training Work

In addition to acting for stage, screen & radio there are a number of other professional outlets, including role-playing and corporate training videos. A phenomenon largely brought over from America, role-playing is now commonplace in the business environment and seen by many companies as a valuable means of motivating and educating their employees, from sales reps through to CEOs and from multi-national corporations to local authority departments.

There are companies dedicated to providing role-play actors to businesses, working with the business to ascertain the brief then collaborating with the actors to develop tailored role-play scenarios designed to help the business achieve its aims. Typically, workshops will be run by a trainer aided by actors and delivered to an audience who will usually be asked to participate, working directly with and opposite the actors. The workshops may be run with the aim of improving the moral of employees or instructing them on very specific skills which will be employed in their work, such as sales or customer support techniques or preparing for and giving presentations.

This kind of work puts you in front of an audience and requires you to get into character, improvise and interact, skills vital to the actor. And of course it can carry you through the lean times between roles.

Role-play & Workshop Companies

Act up



Ovation Productions

Role Plays for Training

Roleplay UK

Steps Drama Learning Development


Mandy Actors UK has lots of corporate jobs for those looking to build their experience in this sector.