Singer careers advice from top West End Agent Philip Foster

From the moment Philip Foster’s individual sessions started, he sought to identify one unique thing for each of our singers to work on during the session. This often meant getting behind the meaning of the song and finding the way to most naturally express it, considering the melodic shape and purpose of the lyrics from both the writer’s and character’s perspective.

The energy in the room was tangible and there were several brilliantly moving moments during the sessions. The sheer momentum of, and the energy of performers, was matched only by Philip himself, and everyone’s dedication combined meant the room was a very exciting place to be on the day.

Key tips, quotes and advice from Philip

  • Don’t complicate, simplify – that’s where the truth is.
  • Don’t breathe in air; breathe in intention, response and thought.
  • Performers should celebrate that they posses a unique instrument which is theirs and theirs alone. They do not need to try to sound like someone else. The very greatest of performers have voices which are wonderfully imperfect which is part of their genius.
  • The voice comes from a thought, and a response from something - we speak because we have something to say.
  • The perfect voice resonates in every human being.

Look out for more Philip Foster Singers Pro workshops in the future!

Philip Foster will be back IN STUDIO on Wednesday, 27th May at 5pm - 8pm with a Singers’ Workshop. Details can be found on The Philip Foster Company website.

Feedback from our Singers

“I found the session fantastic. Philip was excellent at getting the most out of me as a performer. Every minute of the session was used productively and I felt like my performance of the song improved tenfold. Philip taught me to connect fully to the voice and create my classical sound. He also picked up on bad habits and taught me how to combat them effectively. Thank you Casting Call Pro for providing this excellent opportunity.”Helen Kelly

“Very interesting. It’s always nice to hear different techniques and singing philosophies. Philip was concise, worked quickly and had some good advice.” Rachel Marquez

“Priceless! Although short, I learnt such a lot and was reminded of things that through technique and concentration of being ‘good’, you forget. Back to basics & the ‘real’ spoken voice I had forgotten. Loved it! Thank you very much.” Danni Payne

“Brilliant really instructive, really fun. Friendly, but critical and concise.” Nick Barstow

“It was wonderful. He is brilliant at making you find what the emotional space in your voice should be for the song. Thank you so, so much; I am very grateful.” Ryan Lynch

“I enjoyed the session today as it let me look at a song that I regularly sing from a different perspective. Lovely, friendly staff.“ Colin Byrce

“INTENSE! Very emotional. I have been singing the songs I sang for about a year, and I haven’t taken it to that place before. A whirlwind session, where I found a completely different interpretation of my song.“ Rebecca Cole

“Extremely helpful and enlightening! I thought about my voice completely differently, and Philip encouraged me to find my ‘natural space’. This was a very new way to think about my singing –extremely helpful.” Joanna Lucas