Top Tips for Hiring on Location has more resources for producers looking to crew up on location. We have helped filmmakers and content creators find top-notch crew for more than twenty years we remain the industry’s leading job board. With a network of 2 million plus crew members globally, producers can post jobs quickly and use our local experts to help find the right match for their needs.

Want to take the stress out of pre-production? Read our top tips for using to staff up for your next location shoot.

Boost your profile

You’re excited to hire your crew, but make sure they’re excited to work with you. It only takes a few minutes to build an employer profile on, so include as much about your company as possible. The more information you can include, the more comfortable candidates will be working with you.

When posting a job, details matter

Make sure any posting includes as much detail about the job as possible -- dates, location, day rates. If you are specific about what you need, you will attract profiles from highly qualified candidates. Request resumes, references, portfolios, and reels to get a good feel for applicants’ prior experience.

Also be sure to include any special requirements -- ie. software skills, licenses, languages.

Get to know our reps

We have expert staff in multiple film hubs to help you target your search for crew.

Feel free to contact our representatives in Los Angeles, London, Toronto or U.S. East Coast to set up a call, or meeting, to discuss the best options to staff up efficiently.

Network with us! 

Get to know our Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta crew base by attending one our Mandy Meetups. Our monthly mixers let you network among our editors, camera ops, composers (and many more!) over cocktails. Cheers!

Read some of our employers' hiring experiences with Mandy:

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