How to build your acting CV

Building up a CV as a young actor can be tough. Usually, in order to get good jobs to build up you CV, you'll need a good CV. So alot of people will find it tough to get any work at all. There are some different techniques you can use though. First, find a reputable drama/acting/dance/musical theatre school (not a college course, a school based around performing arts) and study there, some of these schools will be able to get you acting work as part of your courses. Reputable schools tend to get agents 'scouting' school performances or getting in contact with the school in order to find talent. Even if the school doesn't find you work, completing courses at the school will look brilliant on your CV and is going to help your CV stand out to agents and agencies.

The second thing you can do is to go around to schools, colleges etc and ask to speak to their Media and Film Studies department, they nearly ALWAYS have students completing coursework and these students are going to almost always need models or actors to perform in their appropriate media courses. Research your local theatres and ask around there whether or not you can audition for the next show. To find work without a CV you'll need to look for local opportunities on the internet. Be warned though, there ARE alot of fakes out there, that are just after your money.

It can also help if you have contacts within the industry because they'll be able to give you further advice or even find you work that they're doing, or their friends are doing etc. The industry is huge, there are probably alot of contacts around in your area. You just have to know where to look.