How to finance a film project or theatre project

When training I took out a loan to help pay for expenses however this became apparent that this was not going to be enough. I started to search charitable trusts to help me with my funding but quickly found that a lot of them actually fund new theatre projects rather than theatre students wanting to train.

There are a number of charitable organisations that you can send a sample of your work off to and they will consider it. Its as simple as googling "Theatrical charitable trusts" and seeing what comes up. I know the princes trust may be a good way to start. The crescent trust, fenton trust and possibly the equity trust scheme may be of some help.

There is a website called uk performing arts which will have a lost of charities that could help too.

I think that the best way is to make yourself look as professional as possible. Create a report and send it to as many funding organisations as you can, inside show them

Who you are and what you
What you are trying to achieve
What will be a result of this funding or help.
If they will be getting any rewards from it.
A budget and breakdown.

In the latter include everything from from camera equipment for filming to lighting equipment for the show. Break it all down and put next to it how much it will cost so that you are clearly showing how much you will need and how organised and serious you are taking this. It may help if you show that you have tried to help yourself by putting some of your own money in or applied for grants from other sources so that your not just relying on them.

Final tell them that you will send them monthly updates on how your project is taking place and what it means to you should they grant you this money.

I also found that some local organisations and big businesses if you do this to them they may also help you out however they are a bit more like dragons den in the respect that they will want something from it as hey are not just a charity.

I hope this helps and good luck.