How to find internships for film and TV jobs

The film industry is known as one of the hardest industries to break into and job applications for jobs in production companies mostly end up in their spam folder due to the overload of applications in London. There are various routes one could take to break into the industry through networking to working on independent films but one of the best routes is through an internship with a production company. A production company give you some stability in the film industry as freelancing can become tiresome and unreliable if you are trying to secure a steady pay within this creative industry.

Finding the right internship for you can be tricky. You need to first figure out exactly what area of production you want to work in. Internships for film and TV jobs is the best way to access your own skills and gain experience in the real industry. You will be thrown in to the deep end and expected to learn quickly, but this will only benefit your knowledge of the industry and the way it 'really works' and not what is written in countless text books.

Once you have decided which section of film your passion lies you will need to apply to this specific company. If you are interested in documentaries you may try Channel 4 or if you are just looking to get some experience in the industry smaller production companies with specific focuses are good. The production companies will normally contact you for a interview as the places even though you will be working for a low wage or for expenses only will need to secure the right candidate. The recruiters will want to know why they should choose you over the 30 other applicant they have sitting on the file on their desk. You need to show them your passion for film and that you will keep trying to succeed in the industry despite those who will set you back along the way.

As the industry is so competitive you might not get the internship you where hoping for but even if you get accepted on to one that isn't you first choice you should proceed as this will allow you to gain experience in a film workspace. At the internship you must do everything you can to impress those you are working for as you will want a full time job at the end of this, and in London full time jobs in the arts are highly competitive. You must ask lots of questions when at work so you can benefit from the experience and try to pick up all the new skills you can. You must stay late and work long hours to prove you really want to be in the industry and working for this company - otherwise they only have to open their emails to find the next eager applicant waiting to take your place. You must try to look for tasks to do and think of the next step before you are told by your superior, you will need to show initiative and confidence.

Once you have completed this internship they could offer you a full time job in the company or you will have invaluable film experience whether it be from office and production work or working on set shadowing a experienced member of the crew.

Internships not only introduce you to the film industry but through working there you can gain contacts and attend their networking events to meet more professionals. These contacts can then be used to freelance on their own independent films which you can then use in your portfolio and yet again gain more experience.