How to find out about auditions for feature films

With so many production companies popping up all over the place, and even more casting websites , it can be quite a task to find genuine breakdowns without spending all your money joining several companies or websites.

Ive worked in this industry for over a decade so I would like to think that I have a decent understanding of where and how to source feature film roles.

First of all, every professional actor needs to be on SPOTLIGHT, this is a must. When the casting agents/producers reach out in search of actors they first of all contact their own agents list (this is just a way of life, no actor can help or change this, every casting director has a list of favourite agents they will only use) When they want to reach out more, they always use SPOTLIGHT. SPOTLIGHT is still after all these years the main resource for professional jobs. So my first bit of advice is contact spotlight for details of their joining requirements.

Another good resource I use is IMDB PRO, this is a resource of every production company, who their casting director is and most importantly their email/postal and phone number.
It has a section PRE PRODUCTION or DEVELOPMENT , when you see this on a film, find out who their casting director is and just email / call them, say you want to be included in the casting process.. but research the production companies previous credits, especially if they have produced a film you particularly liked.. make sure you mention that in the email submission to the CD.
Also, make sure you get your agent to follow the email up with a follow up call or email ... This is very important as unfortunately casting directors prefer to work with agents than directly with actors.

I would always contact a production company directly if I find a project on IMDB that has caught my attention, for example, if you have a special skill (ie martial arts) and the movie is a martial arts film set in London.. tell the production company in a short email about your skills and that you would like them to view your showreel etc.

CASTING CALL PRO is good for low budget/ indie projects, ive had some very nice roles from that site. And you don't need your agent to submit you like you do with spotlight, however, be aware that the big casting directors HUBBARDS, SYSONGRAINGER,NINA GOLD etc very rarely if ever advertise on this site. They only go through agents so the best place to see them is on SPOTLIGHT.

MANDY is another decent resource for low budget / indie projects and you can use the filter to only see PAID roles. This site is also FREE to use :) Again casting directors don't really use this site, this is mainly for producers and directors to reach out to actors directly, but, its worth it for being FREE.

I would avoid all other sites if im totally honest , they just charge money for information you can find on the sites I suggested.

Do your research, know which production companies are working on what and just write to them, the worst that can happen is that you wont get a reply (which, happens often )

Also avoid production companies (well the people) who constantly shut down the company and re open under different names, this means that they are not making any money and more than likely owe money to people in contract with them but if the company goes under they no longer have to pay the people for their services, EQUITY supply a 'black list' of production companies, its worth dropping them an email so you know who to avoid.

Good luck