How to find out the publicist for an upcoming project

Word of mouth is usually the way to find out about new projects in promotion. Another sneaky way is to search for your favourite artist/ camera crew/ writer or whatever.

You will find the writer per say's Imdb page. Here they will have a detailed biography of their credits and what films that they are currently working on or are even in pre-production. This will mean they are most likely casting and confirming locations and looking for find out what the production is called from the writer So imdb then find out who is in charge of producing and contact them for access to the film. If they already have crew in then find out from the producer who they are and contact them directly. Again there credits and contact details will be available on Imdb. This has previously worked for me and I am now friends with top producers and crew around the world.

During the filming of Irvine Welsh's Filth which took place in Edinburgh. I heard from a fan that the film was scheduled for production and when I searched for Irvine Welsh I seen he had written 'Filth' on his Imdb and it was currently in Pre-Production. I then searched the film and selected the credits list. Here I seen a list of the sound recordist and boom operator who were already hired. I therefore contacted both asking if they would be so kind to take me on as an assistant and allow me to learn from the top sound specialist's in the world.

It is sometimes hard to get straight through to the producer who is actually responsible for picking his required crew. Sometimes the director will ask for specific crew but often it is the Line Producer who is responsible for interviewing and contacting all crew. Depending on where the film may be shot and in which country will also have a bearing on how likely who are to be hired. If a big production is happening in your town then be sure to find out about it and get in touch with the key players early.