How to get an agent for Motion Capture Artist work

Motion Capture work is a relatively new area of work but it does require a certain amount of physicality so a strong sports background is highly recommmended as is a certain level of competence in martial arts and gymnastics and basic stunt work like falling.

At present there are no agencies which represent specifically and exclusively MOTION CAPTURE PERFORMERS or MOCAP artists. More often than not mocap performers are hired from disciplines where people are quite well known for their prowess in a particular field. So auditions will be held for those talents in their particular field. If its a "Shoot Em Up" video game then casting directors will want people with a military background. A "Beat Em Up"......most likely martial arts and so on and so forth.

Personally myself, I have only been on two auditions for mocap work. The first was for a game called Killzone and the second was for a movie where they were looking to cast people as Giants. The job went to the tallest guy.

Performance capture is slightly more involved as this will include the capture of subtle facial movements and expressions and this is where acting comes in to the equation. Can you deliver the whole performance?

Stunt men are often approached for this line of work and theatre companies that are in touch with circus and acrobatic performers is another area to explore.

Your current agent should be aware of your skills in this area and list anything relevant on your CV.

I would also suggest getting in touch with all the studios that offer mocap services and perhaps ask where their clients go for performers.

I hope this article is of use and if anyone can elaborate or does know of an appropriate agent then please let me know.

Break a leg,

Jason Beeston