How to get gigs

To get gigs you can so it a couple of ways. Firstly you could go round local pubs, clubs, village centres etc and ask if they have live music on. If they do ask if you can leave a photo and a demo of you singing a couple of tracks and also leave a list of the songs you sing on your set. You could also attend wedding fayres and do a set whilst people are looking around the fayre. Make sure you have plenty of demo discs and maybe business cards with all your details on.

The second way is to look on the internet for entertainment agencies and email them asking for details of any auditions they might have for taking on new acts. Then if you get offered an audition make sure you choose a variety of different types of songs that show your vocals off. Make sure you dress to suit the type of act you are and then hopefully the agent will set you on and they will then get you the gigs.

You could also go to local pubs and offer to do a spot a couple of times for free then when the customers start coming in regularly to watch you you could then agree a payment.

There are also showcase nights that you can attend, where agents are there looking for new acts. You just perform a 30 minute set and then if they want to take you on their books they contact you later.

One of the best ways of promoting yourself is on facebook, its free and a lot of people use it. Record yourself singing a few songs and then upload them onto facebook and keep posting them and asking people to listen and like. You can also use You Tube the same way.