How to get representation as a director

My advice for any aspiring directors who wish to secure representation is this. First off, expect to be ignored my numerous agents for a very long time. If you begin with this mind set, you won't be disappointed I can assure you. It will happen. Next, be persistent but very polite in your approach to all agents. The average email intake for all agents is around two thousand per day from a recognised agent in the UK. Be decent when you write an introduction about yourself, agents are human, or so I've heard! I will state that you should be very aware that there are now, more than ever before, thousands of aspiring directors, so be clear in your mind that you are not in the minority by a very long stretch! There are thousands of people all over the world all thinking they are directors, so your work must realistically portray some level of talent to even stand a chance of getting noticed. Above all else, look at your work from the view point of the agent. They will only be thinking two things, and that will be, can this person direct a project and can I earn money from this person directing? You must be able to produce a very good showreel of your work to even get a chance with agents these days, but I would now advise this as a final word on the matter. Choose the agent who you feel will be compatible to where your career is at this moment in time. Do not approach I.C.M or W.M.A if you have never directed anything other than small indie projects that have never even been distributed. Choose an agent who can work with you at your current level of experience. Above all else, keep on making your film projects happen as agents like to know you are active.
Good luck!