How to get the most from your Three LED Lite Panels

A few tech specs first. These LED light panels are light, portable and small. Their dimensions are 14"x 15"x 3.3. and weight just under 2kg each. They are daylight balanced at 5600k, have a light output of 1830 lux with an angle of 60 degrees. They can be DC powered, battery powered by Sony NP batteries and V Lock. Being LEDs they are energy efficient rated at 22- 24W. Included are DMX dimmable attachments that have cords.

Accessories. They come with softboxes, 129 diffusion, CTO colour correction and black drape for the softboxes. 

Practical usage. I was shooting a short film where the the budget was low and we couldn't afford a generator and we were shooting an night exterior field. I backlit the foreground actors, the middle ground and the background 100 yards away with just these light panels. In the same film in an abandoned house we had sunlight coming into the wall-less house and was able to use the dimmer the great effect to replicate the natural ambient light coming in and out the clouds. I also used them to light an interior tent in a studio from the outside which was create soft ambient light replicating daylight. For a green screen commercial shoot I used them to light the talent from top, below and the side. Because they are so light and portable, you can quickly raise them, hang them or place them on the floor. With the detachable dimmers you can adjust to your needs. I have used them to light interviews for corporates in very small rooms. One can create almost shadowless light that wrap around faces and with the degree of desirable backlight with the dimmer. Being of very low heat output, there is no need to handle with gloves or worry about the heat produced inside a small interior location. 

They are small and can be carried very easily in the carry bag, I am a small person, I would know. They are also very quickly set up when time, as always is of the essence. I cannot recommend this type of lighting for drama, commercials or corporates enough. As soon as I can I will be purchasing more!