How to get your music video seen

Once a music video has been shot and produce the difficulty is getting the finished article view by an audience not only of peers but by potential supporters and buyers.

YouTube is the most obvious outlet, it gat generate a quick mass viewing figure give the audience the opportunity to feedback and give critical comments. But then it can also give the opportunity to be spammed. But in many ways the positives far outweigh the negatives in this area. The fact is YouTube is now more easily accessible through mobile internet on smart phones that a lot of hits don’t come from computers anymore. With the ability to share through social networking such as face book and twitter becoming so easy. The video you produce can very easily go around the world and back again in 24hours.

But don’t just rely on the bands fan base to do this for you, they will spread the word and give the video’s its initial boost and may get a small trend going. You have to also give it assistance, my first video I edited for a group hit couple of thousand, the next though shot over 32,000 view it just a couple of months and still has a steady increase on a regular basis. It all came down to tagging the clip and getting it to trend on Twitter.

Tagging a clip is the same as the Twitter #hashtag. It allows the clip to picked up in searches when anyone inputs a basic search on YouTube. Tag the clip with the bands name, tag it with the kind of music it is (e.g. Rock), then tag it with the names of popular artist, bands which hit the same genre of music ones that have a massive YoutTube presents. This will bring your video up in searches for that band, its cheeky but allows the searcher to discover something new. And with each hit the video gets then moves the video up in the searches. If people like it then they will share it. If they share it more will pick it up, then the domino effect kicks in and soon before you realise it the video is trending.

Now one important factor is the video itself, anyone can make one but you have to give it an exciting visual element. Or produce one that simply stands out above the other thousands of music videos that inhabit the internet. Give it an edge, be it something in the way the music is performed or a story element that brings something special to the video. Don’t be afraid to experiment, most music videos are built on an abstract idea. Which may or may not have some standing within the lyrics of the song, or one small element has been picked up one and explored visually for the video. It doesn’t have to be coherent just to be able to hold the attention of those who are watching it.

With a video like this and it being well presented online the sky really is the limit for what can be achieved with it. With a big enough audience then if the band is signed or not the opportunity to get the video onto a music channels is greater.