How to keep your fitness levels up between contracts

To keep your fitness level up while your waiting for a contract or to keep fit while auditioning, is to make sure you keep active, I know when I have finished contracts my body stops and I need to rest but after I have rested it's so hard to get back into it, so finding ways to get motivated again is difficult, such as getting to the gym but the gym I was at you have to sign up for so many months and honestly I hate going to the gym even though the classes can be fun, on the equipment just not my thing and as well being self employed most of the time it doesn't really fit with the constant monthly payments specially if your not there for more than half a year. Or you could try going for a run but I think that depends on where you live and I live in a busy area and there's cars everywhere and to be honest I don't like the fumes on my chest so I got on the hype of the insanity challenge which is very high energy and it's like being back at college but instead going all day with exercise it's just 40 - 60 minute work out 6 days a week and boy does it work not only do you see the benefits but your stamina and strength shoots through the roof as well, but I think I got a little obsessed with Sean T because he has other work outs, such as hip hop abs to sculpt your belly for them teeny weeny costumes and also t-25 workout which is just like insanity but in 25 minutes which is perfect specially since we have to go here there and everywhere for all the promo jobs and auditioning.