How to know if it's worth having my photo on voice-over website

When you join a website specialising in voice over work in all cases they will require you to upload a profile picture. If you do not put your photograph on a voice over website when advertising yourself this will look rather odd. Almost all voice over artists have some form of picture of themselves to advertise themselves to the world. Voice over websites do usually have a standard picture, photo or icon that you can use instead of uploading your own photograph. Using this stock picture, photograph or icon can put you at a disadvantage to other voice over artists.

There is no need for you to hide your face when you are trying to gain voice over work via these voice over websites. You are advertising yourself and to not have a picture at all would just seem like you were trying to hide something. Having someone draw a cartoon of you could have the same effect meaning you are still not being seen as yourself but rather someone's interpretation of you or if you have commissioned the drawing yourself made to look exactly as you want to be seen.

Of course, the voice over artist is rarely seen so you would think that it would be fine to have a cartoon drawing or no drawing at all and use the stock picture, you would think that your voice alone would sell you and your work. This is far from the truth because you need to be the full package and show to your potential clients that you are confident. Unless you have a face like a used mop end you should be able to instil confidence in your prospective clients with your voice demos and a portrait photograph of your smiling face.

I said previously that maybe you shouldn't have a cartoon type picture but if the main glut of your work is mainly voice over work for cartoons and other fun voice over projects then do indeed show off that personality with a cartoon styled portrait. I much prefer the true look in the form of a normal portrait styled photograph. Of course, there are other styles of photographs, some people get a photo taken of them with their microphone in hand, some have action style photos of themselves maybe speaking or shouting. You can choose black and white or colour. (Black and white is more Hollywood!) Whatever you want at the end of the day is entirely up to you, the voice artist. However, choose your profile picture wisely because what might be fine by you could be a complete disaster in the advertisement of you and your voice to the clients.