How to make your online profile stand out

I know to many Actors it is important to make your online profile to stand out. There are a number of things that someone can do to make this as best as they can.

1. Make sure you get a good headshot photographer to take your shots. They will direct you when taking them and allow you to be different characters while you have your shots taken. You will come away with a lot of shots portraying a lot of different characters which you can then upload to your profile and show casting directors the range of characters that you can play. The eyes are the windows to the soul and it is important you're telling something through your eyes while having them. A casting director will notice your eyes first on your online profile.

2. Promotional material is of vital importance. It's important to get as much as you can on your online profile so that a casting director can see exactly who they are looking at and not wondering if you are good enough for the job. If they have a lot of choice to look at then they can see exactly who you are, what your personality is and who they are looking at. Make sure you get yourself some good quality voice reels. A voiceover one if you want to do voice over work with a lot of different voice overs and accents and a singing reel if you have a singing voice. That way you have enough information on your profile to show yourself off. A show reel is also good if you have enough material to put together. They can see what work you have done in the past and see your style and work.

3. Don't sell yourself short. Make sure you have everything on your profile that you possibly can. If you have a lot of credits, list them all. If you have any special skills make sure you put them on. Some people tend to think if it's not drama related then there isn't much point but if you can speak another language, play an instrument, speak different accents, have a CRB check, first aid certificate, do martial arts, or have special skills like roller skating or acrobats etc. make sure you list them all. The more the better. There are a lot of things that a casting director may be looking for and sometimes acting isn't enough. You may just miss out on something if you don't sell yourself enough. Remember you are your own business.

Finally I think that quality is of most importance. It's not always cheap but it will be worth it. Good quality head shots, singing reel, voice reel, show reel and credits will all add to someone standing out. If you literally lay everything you have on the table for a director to see then you will have a much greater chance at standing out from the crowd. There are a lot of people out there with a general profile with a head shot and just a few credits. Don't be one of them.