How to submit scripts to the BBC

The BBC have a wonderful site called the Writersroom where they accept unsolicited scripts. I believe the BBC are the only television company who offer this service. It is extremely easy to acces the Writersroom website even if you are an inexperienced internet user. Once you have logged on to your internet providers home page ie Yahoo, Chrome etc., type BBC and/or Writersroom into your search window and either move the cursor to the 'OK' button and click or press 'enter' on your keyboard. A list of options will appear, simply click on one and the site will open for you. When you have gained acces to the Writersroom home page you will quickly learn how to navigate your way around and discover the many tools,tips and opportunities that await. You will find all the up and coming writing competitions along with a list of winners and details of those that have recently been judged. You will be able to join in with the blogs and forums and can have a regular newsletter posted to your inbox, just enter your email address and click on okay - if you don't recieve the newsletter, check your spam folder if the newsletter is here you can redirect it to your inbox by ticking the box at the side of the email to identify it then click on the 'this is not spam' option. The Writersroom houses a library of scripts and script extracts for you to browse, invaluable to the aspiring writer. You can access recent interviews of new and established writers offering the wealth of their experience. A whole plethora of useful information is available for you to utilise, there is even a scriptwriting template for you to download, ensuring that your scripts are formatted in the correct manner. The Writersroom offers step by step instructions on how to submit your script including guidelines of what is and what is not considered acceptable. Most important are the details of how and where to send it. Do try to be patient, the BBC Writersroom have countless scripts to process, all of which takes time but, you will recieve an acknowledgement with your script details and a reference number. Rest assured that all of the scripts are read and assessed by a professional and when it reaches the front of the very long queue, so too will your script be read and assessed. Good luck!