How to use social networking sites to your advantage

Social networking is everywhere it can be a great work tool. I have manged to successfully obtain work through Twitter and I know many who have also gotten work though Facebook.

My tips for social networking success are:

1. Be friendly. Always be polite, try not to get involved in any political slagging matches, this will not help you at all, it just makes people irritated and no matter what side of the argument you are on you will come out looking bad. Remember just step away and scroll on after all you would not start an argument on set with another actor over something completely irrelevant.

2. Be consistent. There is not much point signing up to a site or getting a new "actors" Facebook page and only logging in once in a blue moon. You need to be visible and thus be contactable.

3. Appropriate following. If you do sign up on Twitter make the most of your follows. Do not fall in into the trap of following all your favorite reality TV stars. This is for work, so follow like minded actors, casting directors, theater companies and so on. This way your profile will not only be neat but you will be making the most of your presence and time.

4. The odd random comment or quote is fine, it can even be a good thing. Use these to show your personality but always try to remember that this social networking is part of your work and try to keep the subject of the majority your posts work related.

To sum up, be nice, don't get involved in arguments, be visible and active, use your tools appropriately remember although fun and social this is networking be professional. Above all remember the internet is forever never say anything you would not say in a meeting.